Veterinary Vaccines & DIVA Vaccines

The prevalence of infectious diseases in livestock and animals still continues to be a major constraint to sustained agricultural development, food security, and participation of developing and in-transition countries in the economic benefits of international trade in livestock commodities. The major goal of Veterinary vaccines is to improve the health and welfare of companion animals, prevent animal-to-human transmission from both domestic animals and wildlife and increase production of livestock in a cost-effective manner. 

DIVA Vaccines: A vaccine which allows differentiation between infected and vaccinated animals. DIVA vaccines lack at least one antigenic protein or epitope which is present on the field virus, therefore a diagnostic test which detected antibodies against that protein or epitope will give a positive result with infected individuals but negative with vaccinated individuals

  • Veterinary Vaccines
  • Importance of Vaccines in Livestock
  • Veterinary Vaccine Development
  • Types of Animal Vaccines
  • DIVA  Marker Vaccines



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