Vaccines for Pregnant women and Neonates

Immunization during pregnancy is the administration of a vaccine to a pregnant woman. Once the vaccination is provided, the risk for an unvaccinated pregnant patient to be exposed to a related infection becomes low, allowing for postponement, in general, of routine vaccinations to the postpartum period. Immunization during pregnancy reduces the risk of a specific disease for a potentially exposed pregnant woman or her foetus.

Neonates and young children are susceptible to many serious infectious diseases which are preventable through vaccination (Neonatal Vaccination). Recent vaccines strategies taken to prevent infectious diseases are unable to induce protective levels of antibodies in the first 6 months of life.

  • Maternal Immunization research and implementation
  • Maternal Vaccination Advantages
  • Neonatal Vaccination   
Safety and Efficacy of Maternal and Neonatal Vaccination    

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